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If you fancy trying your hand at Rugby League, come down to any of the domestic training sessions - you will be made very welcome and can enjoy a tough workout!

Whether a total novice or experienced player, you will be put through your paces and tested at every level - find your nearest club and come and have a go!

01. Clubs

Copenhagen Rugby League Football Club is currently welcoming new players. You can visit their website, their Facebook page or email Eugene Hanrahan


People in Jylland and Fyn who are interested in getting involved should either contact the DRLF centrally, or email Allan Llobel.

02. National Team Training


National team training is organised to fit in with the scheduling of international matches. Attendance is by invitation only.

All adult men who can prove Danish citizenship or Danish parentage are automatically eligible for the national team. Non-Danes who can prove that they have been resident in Denmark for three years can apply for eligibility. There is currently no national team for women's or youth rugby league.

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