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About us

The Danish Rugby League Federation (DRLF) is the body which oversees and organises the sport of rugby league in Denmark. 



For several years from around 2005 there were sporadic efforts to establish rugby league in Denmark. These efforts gradually became more and more organised and eventually a Denmark x111 team started playing fixtures. With a kit generously donated by rugby league club The London Skolars, and Copenhagen pub "Den Glade Gris" pitching in with the cost of a bus trip to Sweden, this collection of ex-pats, union converts and curious Danes were starting to resemble a proper rugby league team.​

This first phase in our development culminated with the Danish Lions winning the inaugural Nordic Cup competition with victories over Sweden and Norway in 2011. Building on this initial success the DRLF was established in November of that year and has continued to organise and build the sport of rugby league in Denmark.

Denmark is recognised by the Rugby League International Federation as a "second-tier member nation" and as an "observer member" of the Rugby League European Federation.

The Future


These are exciting times for rugby league in Denmark and also more widely in Scandinavia. Copenhagen RLFC was established in early 2013 as the first rugby league club in Denmark. It competed in the Pan-Scandinavian League and when the Jutland rugby league club was formed in the west of Denmark, the first "Danish Origin" clashes started. We are currently looking for other areas in Denmark where there is potential for starting a Rugby League club, and we are encouraging British teams to come out here on tour, to expand our fixture list.

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